Boardroom Spirits Distillery Paloma's Phoenixville Partner

Boardroom Spirits

Boardroom Spirits is a sustainable, family-owned craft distillery offering unique drinking experiences to consumers. Its line of locally sourced, carefully crafted, small batch, premium libations offer rich, smooth, refined, and delicious tasting results.


Thinking big and producing small enables them to collaboratively innovate and experiment, while dedicating themselves to the education of the overall distilling process and immersing themselves in the community and marketplace in which they are established.

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Paloma's Phoenixville Partner

Kahwa Coffee Roasters

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company is a wholesale and retail coffee company based in St. Petersburg, Fl.  Founded in 2006 by Sarah and Raphael Perrier, Kahwa has become the largest independent coffee roaster in the state of Florida.

Kahwa’s reputation is built on quality and consistency of the product. 100% premium quality Arabica beans are selected from different origins around the world, these beans are then blended and skillfully roasted to produce a complex flavor that allows each origin to yield its most distinct palate.